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The Pros and Cons of Painting Bricks for Your Home

The Pros and Cons of Painting Bricks for Your Home

Brick is an elegant building material. Some of the nicest houses in the world are made from bricks. Over time, however, you might grow tired of the appearance of your home. Fortunately, you can always paint the bricks for an entirely new look.

Exterior - Brick Before and After

Before jumping into this project, consider some of the pros and cons. It’s not as simple as getting out a paint brush and paint!

Pros of Painting Bricks

  • Improved home appearance: Painting the bricks can take your home from dated to modern and cool with a few (thousand) strokes of the brush. The curb appeal of your house can be significantly improved in a few days.
  • Protection: Bricks are porous. When you paint them, you close the pores and protect the bricks from the elements. However, you’ll then have to maintain the paint in order to keep the bricks protected.
  • Maintenance: As mentioned above, you’ll have to maintain the paint. However, keeping paint looking great is much easier than working with the bricks alone.
  • Cleaning: If the paint is sealed properly, it’s easier to clean painted bricks than non-painted bricks. Bricks on their own are notoriously hard to clean, in large part because of their porous nature.

Cons of Painting Bricks

  • Can’t paint all bricks: Take a look at the condition of the bricks you want to paint. If they’re falling apart or otherwise deteriorating, painting isn’t an option. It won’t stop the deterioration process, and the paint will crumble away with the bricks.
  • Extensive prep work: Painting drywall might be a one-day project, but painting bricks requires strict preparation. First, you’ll have to clean the bricks. This can be as simple as power washing, but often requires power washing in conjunction with a specially-formulated cleaning chemical mix. After this washing, the bricks have to completely dry or the paint will bubble and crack. If you have any bricks that are falling apart, they’ll need to be replaced.
  • Skill-level: This isn’t the kind of project a rookie DIY guy can do. Paint will drip in the crevices and on the mortar, which has to be closely monitored. Any paint bubbles need to be taken care of quickly. If you do the job and aren’t prepared to do it, those results will show.
  • Permanence: Once you paint bricks, there is no going back. The process of removing paint from bricks is laborious and almost impossible because the paint will be absorbed into the bricks; even if you got the surface paint off, some paint would continue to emerge over time. You can change the color of the paint, but painting will lose the natural-brick look forever.
  • Upkeep: Painting bricks requires the same upkeep as other painted surfaces.  Once you have painted them, plan to repaint every 7-10 years or as the paint fades from weather exposure.

Prim Painting offers exterior painting services for the Columbus, Ohio area. Contact us today at 614-620-1950 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home or Office

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home or Office

As the weather continues to turn to Spring, it’s time to think about how you can clean up some of the damage fallen leaves and Winter caused to the exterior surfaces of your house. One cost-effective service to get the outside of your home looking great again is pressure washing. Prim Painting is pleased to offer pressure washing services for the Columbus, Ohio area.

Unfamiliar with pressure washing or just haven’t done it in a while? Almost any surface can be thoroughly cleaned.  We wash houses, patios, driveways, walkways, fences, retaining walls, anything with dirt, mold, mildew, or algae buildup.  There are many benefits associated with pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Benefits for the Home

  • Improve curb appeal: This goes hand-in-hand with pressure washing increasing the value of your home. Any home that is appealing to passers-by will have more value.
  • Preventative maintenance: Sure, pressure washing cleans the exterior of your home. But it also handles routine maintenance. A clean house is a house that avoids rot, decay and mold. Making a small investment in pressure washing today can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills in the future.  Pressure washing also removes insects that have made a home on the exterior of your house.
  • Protect your family: Pressure washing prevents mold, mildew & algae from growing. These substances can cause people to fall ill, even if the substance is only on the outside of the home.
  • Ease of use: You could climb a ladder and scrub hard-to-reach places by hand. Unfortunately, this is both ineffective and impractical. For example, if you have a two-story house, climbing a ladder that tall is dangerous. And washing by hand is less effective than blasting away grime with water.
  • Use of chemicals: Using the right mixture of soap and detergents is the key to cleaning surfaces without damaging them with high pressure.  Improper use of these mixtures can cause damage to vegetation.  Let the pros take care of these important details!
  • Cost-effective: Pressure washing is both cost-effective in terms of dollars and time. For a reasonable fee, you can professionally power wash your home while you take care of other duties. You could rent a pressure washer, but be careful! They are extremely dangerous when not used properly because the water pressure is so high. Plus, your time is better spent doing whatever makes happy!

Pressure washing isn’t just for homes. Commercial buildings and offices also need regular exterior maintenance to make sure they look their best.

Pressure Washing Benefits for the Office

  • Attract new customers and keep old ones: It’s no secret people like nice things. If your building looks run-down or unappealing, you’re much less likely to attract and keep customers.
  • Prevent repairs: Pressure washing can prevent the need for large maintenance projects for your office in the same way it can accomplish that for your home.

Prim Painting offers pressure washing services for the Columbus, Ohio area. Please contact us for more information about our pressure washing offerings.


Getting Your House Ready to Sell in the Spring

Getting Your House Ready to Sell in the Spring

As winter ends, snow melts, temperatures rise and flowers bloom, your mind may turn toward selling your home. There are several things to consider before selling your house in the spring. Prim Painting is available for hire to paint your home to get it ready for sale in the spring.

Things to Consider When Painting Your Home to Sell

  • Use neutral colors: You might love your hot pink and orange walls, but the reality is, you might be the only one who does. Neutral colors, like gray and beige, make your home more likely to sell by offering a wider appeal. Buyers don’t necessarily want to buy a home and then spend thousands of dollars on paint. Most people would rather buy a move-in-ready house.
  • Remove wallpaper: Wallpaper represents a highly-individualized style. Your flowery, colorful wallpaper probably only appeals to you. Wallpaper presents a headache for buyers, because it is hard to remove and can be challenging to paint over. Much like bold wall colors, wallpaper can turn many buyers off.
  • Touch-up doors and trims: If you have baseboards, crown molding or trim, touch-ups are an easy fix to improve your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Quick touch-ups can make your house look well-maintained and clean. Though this may seem like a small detail, people shopping for homes will look at every detail before making the biggest investment of their lives.
  • Repaint the front door: A front door that “pops” can provide great curb appeal. Remember, the first thing buyers will notice about your home is its curb appeal—or lack thereof. Make sure to choose a color that stands out without being too exotic. If your home doesn’t have curb appeal, it’ll be tough to get people in the door.
  • Paint the exterior of the house: We suggest painting the exterior of your home every 7-10 years at a minimum. You might think your home looks okay, but a fresh coat of paint will work wonders on the exterior. This also works to improve curb appeal.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a bit much for a home you’ll be moving out of, consider some of the benefits for painting before selling.

Benefits of Painting Your Home Before Selling

  • Return on investment: Assuming you choose the right colors and work with a qualified painting company that will do a great job, you’ll almost certainly see a return on your investment. How large will the return be? It depends on the quality of the painting, the quantity of the painting done, the housing market and a number of other factors. The best way to ensure you’ll see a return on investment from your painting is working with a painting company that has a history of success.
  • Attract more potential buyers: As discussed above, most homebuyers aren’t interested in doing a lot of work after buying a home. When perusing real estate listings, most buyers will prefer a home that is well-painted in neutral colors to a home that will require a lot of painting.
  • Similar effects as renovation for a fraction of the cost: The point of a renovation is to give your home a fresh look. Painting can accomplish similar tasks, but at a much smaller expense.

If you’re interested in painting your home to prepare for a sale in the spring, contact Prim Painting today! We serve the Columbus, Ohio area.

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