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When you need a house painting company or commercial painting contractor, we provide free, fast and accurate quotes – often within 24 hours. We’re Columbus-local and we guarantee our work! Plus, with no down payment required, you don’t have to wait to get the job started.


Update the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint. From walls and ceilings, to woodwork and cabinetry, we’ve painted just about every interior surface you can imagine.

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Property Management

As a commercial painter in Columbus, Ohio, Prim Painting works with apartment complexes, condos, shopping plazas, and office buildings. We want to be the painting company you trust no matter what. Call for a free estimate today.

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Why Choose Prim Painting?

Free Quote

Our painting company offers onsite consultations, so you get an accurate painting quote. Plus, we can answer questions and offer suggestions. Within 24 hours, we’ll email or text you a quote to review at your convenience.

Fast Response Time

Whether you want a quote, have a question, or need to schedule some work, our response times are fast– often the same day.

No Mess Left Behind

A paint job isn’t complete until after clean up. When we’re done, we won’t leave behind a mess. The fresh paint will be the only clue that we were ever there.

2-Year Warranty

With an industry leading 2-year warranty on most painting projects, you’ll have peace of mind that the results will be to your satisfaction.

Professional Results

We’re not sloppy painters and we certainly don’t rush our work. This means the paint will be exactly where you want it, without drips or splatters on your floors, trim or furniture.

No Surprise Upcharges

We think surprises are for birthdays, not painting quotes. We’ll be specific and detailed about prep work and repairs (if applicable), paint type, number of coats, and other services.

No Down Payments

We believe trust is a two-way street. After all, you’re trusting us to paint your home or business; so, we don’t feel we need a down payment to get started.

Custom Design

We’ve seen it all. That means we have an eye for what colors will work best with your space. We communicate with you to get exactly what you want, with trends and your needs in mind.

Sure, there are other painting contractors in Columbus, Ohio, so why choose us? Our team takes great pride in our work; we're responsive, highly-trained, trustworthy-and best of all-we guarantee our work.

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No high-pressure sales, just send us your info. Our response time is quick - usually the same day!

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Experience Matters.

Locally owned and operated, when you hire Prim Painting you get more than just great results. Our professional painters have the consulting knowledge, experience, and proper tools to do the job right. Whether residential or commercial, we're the painters that property managers and homeowners trust.

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