Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Jul 14, 2016

Are you starting to get tired of the paint on your walls? Then it might be time to re-paint them. At Prim Painting, we believe in educating our customers before diving into a project. Here are some common mistakes people make when starting a painting project. Make sure to avoid them!

  • Choosing a color based on a paint swatch: Test the color on the wall before committing to it. A paint swatch is a great representation of what the color will look like—but that’s all it is: a representation. How it looks on your wall might sway your opinion. If you don’t want to test the paint on the wall, you can paint a poster board and hold it up to the wall, but this isn’t as accurate an indicator.
  • Painting the room with no other décor in mind: Unless your room will consist only of painted walls, you need to take the furniture and knick-knacks into consideration. Fabrics and furniture can change how a color looks on the wall. In many cases, it’s better to choose the furnishing first and pick a paint color suitable for your choices.
    Thinking all colors are created equal: Do you want to paint the walls gray? Well, do you mean steely gray? Or lazy gray? What about gray screen? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shades of colors. Test, test and test some more to ensure you get the color you want!
  • Choosing colors that exactly match your favorite objects: If you want your favorite items to stand out in the room, choose a slightly different color for the walls, ideally a color that is softer. By doing this, you’ll let your decorations “pop!”
  • Selecting a neutral color because it’s “safe”: The truth is, even neutral colors have a ton of shades. While neutral tones may be “safer” than bold colors, they can still disappoint you if you don’t pick the right shade. We can’t emphasize enough the need to test your colors.
  • Going overboard with your favorite color: Do you really like the green you chose for your living room? That’s awesome, but be careful. Too much of one color can be overwhelming. Always balance with neutral colors.
  • Not considering the lighting: The lighting in a room can alter how paint looks. What was once deep red can suddenly look much more lively. Again, test the colors!
  • Not thinking how you want the room to feel: Think about a bedroom. Do you want it to be relaxing? If so, don’t choose a bright orange or hot pink color. Colors convey feelings. For a relaxing room, consider a light blue or green.

By taking these tips into consideration, you minimize your chances of being disappointed in your paint color. Prim Painting is a Columbus, Ohio locally-owned-and-operated painting company. We’re highly-reviewed and always work to satisfy and educate our customers. For more information, contact us for a free consultation!