Choosing The Right Exterior Colors For Your Home

Apr 20, 2016

Painting the exterior of your home can completely change the look and feel of your house—for better or for worse. A great paint job can add thousands of dollars of value, but a poor color choice can diminish property values not only for your home, but for the rest of the neighborhood. Before you jump into painting the exterior of your house, consider the following tips.

Exterior Home Painting Tips & Tricks

  • Consider your neighbors: Unlike the inside of your home, the outside paint colors impact your neighbors. Don’t pick a color that stands out too much! Doing this will decrease property values for all houses in the area. You should pick a color scheme that blends in with the surrounding homes. Feel free to express yourself with the exact color choice, but try and stay close to the neighborhood palette.
  • Take landscaping into account: This is especially important in the Columbus, Ohio area. We experience all four seasons. You should pick colors that work for all the seasons. If you live in a wooded area, a dark green color might look great during the winter, but during the summer, your house is bound to blend into the surroundings. Neutral colors are usually a safe bet for year-round compatibility.
  • Accent unique features of your house: Are the windows on your home particularly unique? Make sure to highlight them in a different color than the rest of the house. The goal is to draw attention to the cool features that make your house different from the others. You want to avoid highlighting things like gutters.
  • Study other homes: What better way to get ideas for what colors to choose than by driving around and looking at other homes? You might find a color scheme you love, but would’ve never thought of. Or you might discover the paint you were about to use isn’t as great as you thought. Remember, it is especially important to look at other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Be bold for the door:Choose a color that makes your front door stand out without being obnoxious. If you choose a neutral tan for the base paint of the exterior, a dark purple or green can properly accent the doorway and draw attention to it. The front door is the perfect place experiment with color. It is a natural focal point, and it is also simple and inexpensive to change.
  • Analyze what can’t be changed: More than likely, things like the roof shingles can’t be changed. Use features like these to pick a color that works for the exterior of your home. If your roof has specks of gray or tan in it, one of those colors could work on your house.
  • Pay attention to the sun: If your home is the recipient of a lot of direct sunlight, be careful of choosing colors that are too light. The sun is notorious for diminishing the effects of light colors.

One of the most important tips we can offer for exterior home painting is to hire a professional! This is a large project that can take several days to accomplish. It has to be done at the right time of year for maximum effects. Trying to accomplish this job on your own is likely to lead to mistakes—mistakes you’ll need to hire a professional to fix.

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