6 Reasons to Hire an Office Building Painter

Feb 8, 2019

Are you thinking about repainting your office in Columbus, Ohio? If your workplace has started feeling drab, it might be time to shake things up. Repainting your office is a worthy investment with a lot of benefits, but many business owners don’t know where to start. Should you paint it yourself or hire a professional commercial painting company to do it? There are benefits to doing it both ways, but one option might be better for you. Here are some of the best reasons to repaint your office and why you should hire a professional commercial painter to do it:

Why you should repaint your office

Make a good impression on customers

A fresh paint job is a strategic investment, especially if your business has customers that visit your office regularly. Most people use aesthetic factors to judge the reliability of a business, so a well-painted office can improve your customers’ perception of you. The first thing your customers see when they visit your office is your building’s exterior. Do you want them to see an unmaintained building with chipped paint or a well-maintained building with a clean, vibrant paint job?

The same question goes for your office’s interior. Do your office walls inspire confidence in your business or are they in need of attention? You can drastically improve your office’s appearance just by repainting it, and you’ll win a lot more credibility points in the minds of your customers if your office looks energizing and welcoming.

Create a better work environment

A freshly painted office doesn’t just woo your customers; it benefits you and your employees too. Your employees’ morale can falter if their environment stays the same for too long. Think about it: you and your employees sit in the same office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Working in the same environment month after month can drain even the most loyal workers. You might be in a rut yourself and not even know it. A freshly painted space can spark creativity and boost morale at any company.

Increase employee productivity

Repainting your office can increase employee productivity if you use the right colors. While it might sound hokey, colors evoke emotion. Blues and violets have calming effects, while yellows, oranges, reds and other warm colors inspire focus, energy and enthusiasm. Choosing colors to paint your office should be a strategic decision that benefits you and your employees.

If you and your employees have particularly stressful jobs, painting your office blue might be a good choice. Incorporating brighter, warmer colors might help you stay motivated if your work involves a lot of mundane, repetitive tasks. And remember: you don’t have to paint your entire office the same color. Utilizing accent walls allows you to play it safe with a mild color while also benefiting from bolder colors. A professional commercial painting company can help you select colors and design your office.

Why you should hire a professional commercial painter to do it

Office painting takes time

Painting is a huge time commitment. Taking a day or two off work to have a company painting day can be a fun bonding experience, but if your company is particularly busy, this might not be your best option. When you hire a commercial office painter, you’ll get all the benefits of repainting your office without losing any of your company’s precious time. Office painters usually have flexible hours and can paint when you’re not there.

Office painting is difficult

Painting is hard work, especially if you have a larger office. While the idea of painting your office is straightforward, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. You’ll have to move all your office furniture, lay down tarps, spackle the walls, tape the walls, move ladders around…and that’s just the work you do before painting. Hire a commercial painting contractor to do the heavy lifting for you.

Office painting is dangerous

Another thing to consider is the chance of injury. Offices typically have higher ceilings, so painting will involve balancing on ladders and stretching to paint to hard-to-reach areas. It’s better to hire a commercial painting company to paint your office so that you’re not liable if one of your employees gets hurt. Painting your building’s exterior is even more dangerous, so you should definitely hire professional painters for that kind of job.

You want it done right

Repainting your office is an investment, so you want to make sure it’s done right. Professional painters paint every day, so they have more experience and expertise than the average person. You could paint your office yourself to try and save money on labor, but what if you mess up and it ends up taking even more of your company’s time and money? Hire a professional commercial painter to ensure you get the job done right the first time.

There are so many reasons why you should repaint your office. A freshly painted office leaves a good impression on your customers, boosts your employees’ morale and improves your office’s productivity. It’s worth the investment whether you decide to paint it yourself or hire a professional commercial painter. If you’re looking for a professional office painting company in Columbus, Ohio, contact Prim Painting today. We can come to your office, give you our color recommendations, and provide you with a fast and accurate painting quote. Call us today for a free estimate.