Award-Winning Exterior House Painters at Your Service

Why Choose Prim Painting?

When you need residential house painters, turn to Prim Painting. We’re not a chain. We’re a local painting company. And with no down payment required, we can start updating your house's exterior as soon as possible.

No high-pressure sales tactics – ever! Instead, we come out to your house to discuss the job, and then provide an accurate painting quote; usually the same day.

So, your house looks a bit weathered and you want to put a fresh coat of paint or stain on the exterior? Sounds great, but are you fully-equipped for the job? Do you have a ladder tall enough to get to the very top or are you prepared to spend the additional cost of renting scaffolding?

The point is, professional house painters not only have the knowledge and experience, they also have the proper tools to do the job right. If the exterior paint on your home is faded and drab, or you have flaking areas that look shabby, we can transform your house into the beauty it once was and increase its curb appeal!

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