Why Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets is a Great Alternative to Remodeling

Nov 30, 2015

If your kitchen looks drab, outdated or just old, you might be tempted to call a remodeler and break out the hammers and power tools. Not so fast! You could save thousands of dollars and weeks of construction by painting your kitchen cabinets instead.

Over time, your cabinets will get worn down, no matter how well you treat them. What the cabinets looked like on day one is not how they will look on day one of year five or beyond.

Reasons to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Rather than Remodel

  • Save money: It almost goes without saying that you’ll save potentially thousands of dollars by painting the kitchen cabinets.
  • Same effects as a remodel: You can achieve the same effect as a remodel with kitchen cabinet paintings. That is, a fresh, attractive kitchen.
  • Less disruption: Remodeling can create havoc in your house for weeks at a time. Kitchen cabinet painting is a much quicker process. In most cases, we can complete the entire process in fewer than 2 weeks.

Painting your cabinets is a great alternative to replacement or re-facing. Even the most dated cabinets are still fully-functioning. Why spend more money than you need to do when you can get a great result for less? Most kitchen cabinet painting projects can be completed for less than $3000.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

We will first remove the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts to be sprayed off-site. What does this mean for you? It means less time in your home—and less disruptions for you and your family. For the rest of the cabinets, we will paint them by hand with advanced tools to ensure the cabinets do not look like painted cabinets. We use a special kind of paint that dries in a hard, enamel finish. This paint will give your cabinets a great finish and they will be washable.

We think it is an easy decision. In the majority of cases, it is a better option to paint your kitchen cabinets than remodel your kitchen, reface or replace the cabinets. To get started on your kitchen cabinet painting project, give Prim Painting in the Columbus, Ohio area a call today at 614-620-1950.