Healthy Indoor Paint and Low VOC

Mar 17, 2015

Thinking about painting your home or office and worried about paint fumes? Whether you are pregnant, have small children, or are sensitive to certain odors, paint products are now available to keep you safe and comfortable while updating your house.

Low VOC and No (Zero) VOC Paint
The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are the dangerous component of paint that becomes airborne during painting and/or emits from the walls over time. If you are going to be living in the house during painting, it is important to use products that are rated Low VOC or No (Zero) VOC.

Don’t Confuse Paint Odor with Harmful Compounds
Using zero VOC products allows you to be present during painting, use the space immediately afterward, and does not necessitate opening windows to “air it out.” This means that painting projects you thought would need to wait until spring or fall – in order to open windows – can easily be done any time of year.

Interior Paint VOC Guidelines and Regulations
Guidelines exist in every state regarding how many VOC’s can be in a quart or gallon of paint. These regulations have become more stringent, and most interior paints are becoming “low VOC.”

Low VOC and Paint Durability
If durability is your number one concern, and you are not pregnant or do not have small children that will be frequently in the particular room, you may not need to worry about the level of VOC’s, as durability is the main sacrifice from the loss of these compounds.

Prim Painting has access to several options when it comes to VOC levels and durability and we can find the proper solution for your needs so you can update your home while remaining confident that your health is safe.

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