Getting Your House Ready to Sell in the Spring

Feb 29, 2016

As winter ends, snow melts, temperatures rise and flowers bloom, your mind may turn toward selling your home. There are several things to consider before selling your house in the spring. Prim Painting is available for hire to paint your home to get it ready for sale in the spring.

Things to Consider When Painting Your Home to Sell

  • Use neutral colors: You might love your hot pink and orange walls, but the reality is, you might be the only one who does. Neutral colors, like gray and beige, make your home more likely to sell by offering a wider appeal. Buyers don’t necessarily want to buy a home and then spend thousands of dollars on paint. Most people would rather buy a move-in-ready house.
  • Remove wallpaper: Wallpaper represents a highly-individualized style. Your flowery, colorful wallpaper probably only appeals to you. Wallpaper presents a headache for buyers, because it is hard to remove and can be challenging to paint over. Much like bold wall colors, wallpaper can turn many buyers off.
  • Touch-up doors and trims: If you have baseboards, crown molding or trim, touch-ups are an easy fix to improve your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Quick touch-ups can make your house look well-maintained and clean. Though this may seem like a small detail, people shopping for homes will look at every detail before making the biggest investment of their lives.
  • Repaint the front door: A front door that “pops” can provide great curb appeal. Remember, the first thing buyers will notice about your home is its curb appeal—or lack thereof. Make sure to choose a color that stands out without being too exotic. If your home doesn’t have curb appeal, it’ll be tough to get people in the door.
    Paint the exterior of the house: We suggest painting the exterior of your home every 7-10 years at a minimum. You might think your home looks okay, but a fresh coat of paint will work wonders on the exterior. This also works to improve curb appeal.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a bit much for a home you’ll be moving out of, consider some of the benefits for painting before selling.

Benefits of Painting Your Home Before Selling

  • Return on investment: Assuming you choose the right colors and work with a qualified painting company that will do a great job, you’ll almost certainly see a return on your investment. How large will the return be? It depends on the quality of the painting, the quantity of the painting done, the housing market and a number of other factors. The best way to ensure you’ll see a return on investment from your painting is working with a painting company that has a history of success.
  • Attract more potential buyers: As discussed above, most homebuyers aren’t interested in doing a lot of work after buying a home. When perusing real estate listings, most buyers will prefer a home that is well-painted in neutral colors to a home that will require a lot of painting.
  • Similar effects as renovation for a fraction of the cost: The point of a renovation is to give your home a fresh look. Painting can accomplish similar tasks, but at a much smaller expense.

If you’re interested in painting your home to prepare for a sale in the spring, contact Prim Painting today! We serve the Columbus, Ohio area.