Building a Budget & Using a Single Service Provider for Exterior Maintenance and Painting

Oct 4, 2016

As a property manager or board member of a condominium association, chances are you’ve become all too familiar with the process of using providers for regular exterior maintenance and upkeep. You know that maintaining exterior surfaces of buildings is the key to attracting (and keeping) residents and property values, but the process of contacting multiple vendors and deciding payment and budget can be daunting and potentially stressful.

Building a budget and contracting with one service provider for your maintenance needs can save you a lot of headache. The benefits are undeniable.

Here are six reasons why you should build a budget and use a one service provider for your maintenance needs.

1. One provider = One budget

Instead of managing multiple invoices from multiple providers and figuring out how each provider will be paid and when, a single service provider means a single budget and only one source of all those pesky invoices.

2. Single Service Providers Can Make Long or Short-Term Maintenance Plans

Contracting with one company allows you to create a clear plan for short and long-term needs. Painting is a large part of routine maintenance for many properties, as many painting jobs require the need to be redone over the years. Paint doesn’t just keep your property appealing, it can also provide protection against the elements. Properties that don’t have consistent exterior maintenance and upkeep can be costly in the long run in terms of damage and other headaches.

3. The Provider Becomes Familiar with Your Needs and Your Property

The service provider becomes familiar with your property and your needs, leading to better communication and coordination of services. Their familiarity can also help increase responsiveness and better flexibility with projects, because they have a better idea of how long a project will take.

When using multiple companies for the same or different projects, the manager/board member has to coordinate all of the efforts and also runs the risk of a bad outcome. One provider means one number to call and one invoice, saving you time and resources. Think about it; would you rather call and speak to the same people every time for your needs, or call three different providers before you get the answer you need?

4. Extension of Warranties

When using a single service provider, warranties can be extended, because the provider knows that they may be on-site each year for ongoing projects and maintenance. Talk about peace of mind! Additionally, having a multiple-provider environment can be difficult in terms of resolving problems when you’re dissatisfied with maintenance or a new coat of paint. Going through records to determine what company performed the work last can be difficult if there were many different companies contracted to do work on the property.

5. A Single Service Provider Can Ensure the Same Quality Job, Every Time

Ever worry that the plum paint color you picked might turn into more of a merlot with your next repainting job? The last thing anyone wants is to have the wrong paint or stain color used on a project. Easing your worries can be as simple as using the same service provider over time who uses the same type and color of paint every time.

6. Ability to Take Care of Small Projects and Respond Quickly

When you have a single service provider that you’ve already used for some large-scale projects before, they are more familiar with your property and your needs, making completing projects a snap! Acclimating new provider who will need to become familiar with your needs, the property, products, colors, and expectations is instantly eliminated.

If you’re looking for a single-service provider who can do all this and more, Prim Painting can deliver with exceptional service. We provide both interior and exterior services for residential and commercial properties. For a quote, call us today at 614-620-1950.