Add Value to Your Home and Your Wallet with These DIY Tricks

Oct 31, 2016

Preparing your house for sale? Or just want to add some value to your home and increase curb appeal? Sometimes, adding home value can take time, and money. Thankfully, there are some great low-effort and low-cost ways to add value to your home that you can take on as a weekend project without calling in the contractor.

Three ways to add value to your home

1. Low Cost Landscaping

Sometimes adding just a few shrubs to your home is all it can take to liven up a yard, but maybe you’re looking for more. If it ever comes time to sell, someone’s first impression of your home is the view of your exterior. Don’t let your home’s beauty fall flat! Consider the following options for low-maintenance landscaping.

Add Some Trees

Trees aren’t just an addition to your landscape, they can make your home more desirable and even save you on cooling costs! Yeah, you heard that right. Consider planting shade trees. When properly placed, they can cut your cooling costs! Before you plant your tree, consider how big it will grow and how it will affect your house when it reaches full-size.

Add Shrubs

Shrubs and some colorful plants can add curb appeal. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, adding drought-tolerant plants is the way to go.

Install Some Flower Boxes

Flower boxes can add a pop of color for relatively low cost, and make for an easy weekend project! Consider the color of the boxes themselves before you install them and how that goes along with your home’s exterior colors. Remember that the flowers you installed will have to be maintained consistently to add curb appeal. Think about colors that pop and whether you want to go with annuals, perennials, or both.

Consider Your Yard

A yard is an investment, and one of the most important (and often overlooked) spaces when it comes time to sell. Consider hiring a lawn maintenance service or, if you’re doing it yourself, think about buying some quality fertilizer and lawn food. For more tips on how to maintain and have good lawn upkeep, visit

2. Add a Coat of Paint

Paint keeps your home looking its best, while also defending surfaces from the elements and other wear and tear. High-traffic areas in your home that have lost their color and luster could really benefit from an addition of paint. Also, unlike other projects that may take weeks or even months to finish, painting your home can be lower cost and be finished in a matter of days.

Consider having a professional paint job done. Interior home painting can be challenging to do by yourself, especially when you consider things like moving furniture and protecting your woodwork. Prim Painting does all of this and more. To find out more, view our painting services page.

3. Consider Your Deck

A deck increases the value of your home and makes your outdoor space more desirable. Do you already have a deck that’s in need of repair? A worn down deck can make your house look older, and that’s something nobody wants. Decks need love too! Part of the maintenance on them overtime can include restaining, finishing, and sealing against weather so it can be enjoyed for years to come. When a deck is neglected, it can decay, which ends up costing you more money to replace it in the long run.

Your deck may need to be refinished or restored, or just restained. Whatever you need, Prim Painting provides free quotes for deck maintenance and stain services.

Always remember that when it comes to your home, the effort you put in cost-wise can be a great investment. Prim Painting is here for many of your home improvement needs, and we pride ourselves on exceptional services. For more information about who we are, visit our about page or call us at 614-620-1950 for a quote today.