Commercial Office Painting in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Prim Painting serves the Columbus, Ohio area and the surrounding areas with professional commercial office painting. We provide interior and exterior painting on freestanding office and medical buildings. Our painting services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer this guarantee because we are fully confident in the work we do. Other painting companies might say they are fully confident in their work, but don’t offer this kind of guarantee.

You would certainly keep your home’s paint in top condition. But think of how much time you spend at the office. Is it 40 hours a week? 50? More? You should be as comfortable as possible in the office. Painting the walls can go a long way towards achieving that goal.

We understand that working in an office environment poses some additional logistical considerations. That’s why we offer flexible hours and the ability to work in high-traffic areas. We will work with you to make the process as easy as possible. In certain instances, we realize there may also be some product stipulations. This is not a problem; we offer a variety of different paints to get the job accomplished. Our goal is to paint your office in the way that is most convenient for you!

We’d love to work directly with property management teams and Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) throughout the Columbus area. If you have questions on quotes or processes, please call us today at 614.686.PRIM (7746) or fill out a quote request form!

Why Should You Have Your Commercial Office Painted?

  • Wear and tear: Offices have more wear and tear than residential homes because thousands of people can pass through an office each day.
  • Good impression on customers: Customers or clients will judge you based on the appearance of your office. Don’t make a bad first impression with an office that needs painting.
  • Happy work environment: If your staff feels the office is taken care of, they will likely enjoy coming into work more, and be more productive while on the job.

Think about where you work. Is it dull and drab? Have the walls been painted in the last year? Last decade? We find that many offices have not had a fresh coat of paint in years. Having a worn-down work environment can negatively impact employee productivity. That can hurt your bottom line. A painting job can help your bottom line and improve your office’s appearance.

Prim Painting paints commercial businesses across the Columbus, Ohio, area. If you need a painting contractor that you can trust, for your office or medical building, call us today at 614.686.PRIM (7746).

Regardless of your needs, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a painting quote.