Organized Basement Storage Area

Creating an Organized Basement Storage Area

Has your basement become an unorganized dumping ground for all kinds of stuff? Now is the perfect time to transform your basement into the storage area of your dreams. Imagine fresh paint on the walls, organized shelving units, neatly arranged totes. It can all be yours. You just need a little nudge to get started.… Continue reading>

single service provider

Building a Budget & Using a Single Service Provider for Exterior Maintenance and Painting

As a property manager or board member of a condominium association, chances are you’ve become all too familiar with the process of using providers for regular exterior maintenance and upkeep. You know that maintaining exterior surfaces of buildings is the key to attracting (and keeping) residents and property values, but the process of contacting multiple… Continue reading>

Winterizing Home

The Ultimate Checklist for Winterizing Your Home This Fall

Summer technically hasn’t even ended yet and we’re already thinking about winter. This may seem crazy; however, there are a lot of things that you should be doing to your home in the fall season to help make your life easier and the lifetime of your home longer come winter. So take out your planner,… Continue reading>

Best Exterior Colors If You’re Looking to Sell Your Home

Best Exterior Colors If You’re Looking to Sell Your Home

If you’re considering selling your home, it might be in your best interest to paint the exterior. Selling a home can be a long, frustrating process. Making an investment before selling can increase the selling speed and raise the home’s value. We’ve identified several colors as the best options for selling your house. Even if… Continue reading>

How To Store Paint

How To Store Paint

After you’ve finished your painting project, it’s important to properly store any leftover paint. This process isn’t as simple as hammering the lid back on the can and setting it on your basement floor. You need to take the proper steps to ensure the paint is safely stored. It is also important to store the… Continue reading>

Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Are you starting to get tired of the paint on your walls? Then it might be time to re-paint them. At Prim Painting, we believe in educating our customers before diving into a project. Here are some common mistakes people make when starting a painting project. Make sure to avoid them! Choosing a color based… Continue reading>

prepare my home for painters

How Can I Prepare My Home For Painters?

Made the decision to paint your house this summer? Great! Home painting, whether interior or exterior, is an excellent way to increase the value of your home and freshen up its look. So, how can you make the process as easy as possible for the painters? Take a look at our list of tips to… Continue reading>

should I stain my deck

Should I Stain My Deck?

If you have a wood deck and want to preserve it, you must seal or stain it regularly. This is necessary because wood left exposed to the elements will deteriorate. Unprotected wood will suffer from sunlight, rain, snow, sleet ice and other elements. Wood decks without protective stains and sealers will turn gray, rot, and… Continue reading>

signs you need to repaint your house

Signs You Need To Repaint Your House

Now that nice weather is finally in the Columbus, Ohio area, it’s time to evaluate the condition of the exterior paint of your home. Is the paint still in top shape? Here are some signs you need to repaint your home. How Do You Know It’s Time to Repaint Your House? Peeling paint: If the… Continue reading>